Chakra Meditation

What is Chakra Meditation?

Chakras, a Sankritword literally meaning wheels or cycle, represent the different energy centres in the body. Though not visible, they are vital for our spiritual, mental and physical health as per the science of Yoga. They also feature in the ancient Vedic texts. When the Chakras of the body are not balanced one may experience various ailments of the body and/or the mind.


According to meditation guruDr. Naavnedhi Wwadhwa, ‘The body is finely tuned by the intricate balancing of the seven chakras. So it is of utmost significance to work toward balancing your chakras.’ There are over hundred chakras that work intrinsically to balance the human mind and body.The seven fundamental chakras of the body consist of the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. Each of these have a unique functionthus connected and contributing to the overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of a person. When each of these chakras are balanced, one experiences a true state of bliss and rapid manifestation.Chakra Meditation is an effective way to balance the chakras and ensure a good health and peace of mind.


Naavnedhi teaches and guides people toward balancing and activating the chakras correctly. There may be several techniques to balance the chakras such as aromatherapy, reiki, crystals, breath-work, body movements etc. ‘By activating the different energy centers of the body, it is possible to cleanse and clear off blocks. This will open up your potential to achieve more in every area of your life. It will magically unravel a new found energy for you to be able to achieve all your dreams,’ says Naavnedhi.

What services do we offer in Numerology?

(1) Dr. Naavnedhi presents you with tailor-made solutions and remedies based on your customized Numerology Reading which includes calculation of:

(i) Life Path Number
(ii) Destiny / Expression Number
(iii) Soul Urge Number
(iv) Numerology Personality Number
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(2) You can go in for:

(i) One-to-One Individual Sessions (private) directly with Dr. Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa
(ii) Family / Group Sessions (private) directly with Dr. Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa
(iii) Short Sessions (private) directly with Dr. Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa for choice of Lucky numbers for Mobile, Telephone, Flat Number, Vehicle Number Plate, etc.

What are the benefits of these services?

When chakras become blocked, closed or imbalanced, it causes disruptions in our mental and physical well-being. Some chakras may shut down while some may become overactive. The symptoms following the under or over working of chakras are unique and specific to a given chakra. The resultant dis-ease may involve several physiological as well as mental disturbances including cough, indigestion, headaches and thyroid problems to depression, nightmares, over or lack of confidence, nervousness, irritation and so on. 

Chakra meditation is an effective way to remedy the problems related to imbalanced chakras. By specifically targeting the blocked chakras, it is possible to cleanse and clear them of blockages.

There are different ways to do chakra meditation. Various tools are available including visualisations, breath-work and body movements. Some of the meditations include basic breathing meditation, mindfulness meditation, forgiveness meditation, visualisation using colour associations and/or white light meditation. With Chakra Meditation, you can avail of several benefits such as combating anxiety, better connection with your intuition and a clear and focused mind. Though chakra meditation you can also work on your self-acceptance, confidence and self-esteem. Further through more will power, you have the vitality to go after what you want and fulfill your dreams. So if you want to transform into a best version of yourself, someone who is strong, independent, spiritually aware and radiating positive vibes, chakra meditation is definitely for you.


This healing process is unique for each individual. It can be practiced regularly and this way the awareness of the energy flow increases with time and practice. To deepen this practice and awareness, it is a good idea to seek guidance from experts who are aware and knowledgeable regarding this practice.


Who should avail of these services?

Chakra meditation is for each and every human being who wants to live a better life. Being the energy centers of the body, they are responsible for our good health. They also help us to have more control of our emotions. This means that anyone who is identifying too much with their emotions, sees them as hurdles and is not able to overcome them will be certainly benefited by chakra meditation. The reason is that when you activate all the seven chakras, it becomes possible for you to open up new aspects and prospects in your life. It is true that chakras and their functioning can bring up positive as well as negative emotions. This may happen due to chakra blockages or overactive chakras. Those who would like to make positive changes and awareness in their lives, must work on balancing their chakras.

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