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Tarot Card Reading Workshop

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Topics for this course

2 Lessons

Day 1?

*Introduction and Benefits of Tarot Major Arcana and Minor Arcana Reversed cards How to spread your tarot cards

Day 2?

Blockages to Reading Clearing the cards Psychic protection

Day 3?

Understanding the 3 cards spread

Day 4?

The Wands Suit- Master your career, travel & home Introducing the wands Discover the Ace to 5 of wands

Day 5?

Discover the 6-10 of wands Your practice Ace to 10 of wands

Day 6?

The Cups Suit-Master your emotions, creativity, romance and intuition Introducing the Cups Ace to 5 of Cups

Day 7?

6 to 10 of Cups

Day 8?

Introduction to the swords suit Ace to 5 of Swords

Day 9?

6 to 10 of Swords

Day 10?

The Pentacles: Master your business and career Introduction to the Pectacles Ace to 5 of Pentacles

Day 11?

Six to 10 of Pentacles

Day 12-15?

Introduction to the Major Arcana Card 0-2: The Fool to The High Priestess Card 3-5: The Empress to The Heirophant Card 6-8: The Lovers to the Strength Card 9-10: The Hermit to Wheel of Fortune Your Practice time for Cards 0-10: The Fool to Wheel of Fortune Card 11-13: Justice to Death Card 14-16: Temperance to The Tower Card17 to 19: The Star to The Sun Card 20-21: Judgement to The World

Day 16-18?

Court Cards Introducing The Court Cards Introducing the Page and Knights The Wands Court Cards The Cups Court Cards The Swords Court Cards The Pentacles Court Cards

Day 19-22?

Master different types of Tarot Spreads One Card Spread Multiple choice spreads Horseshoe Spread Celtic Cross Spread Love and Relationship spreads Money and career spreads Decision making spreads

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