Energy Healing

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a type of a healing methodology for the wholesome wellness of the mind, body and spirit. By using energy healing techniques one can reach the root cause of what makes us ill, unwell or simply stops us from living/being the best version of our selves. The problem can be physiological, emotional or spiritual. The issue is that most human beings are used to looking at symptoms in isolation. This may resolve the problems temporarily. However, it will not address the problem at its roots. Nor will it stop the health issues or disturbances from recurring. The great thing about energy healing is that it has a multitude of benefits other than improving your physical and mental health.


The most important thing to understand about energy healing is that it can have the most powerful impact on your life. Rather, it can completely transform your life not only by improving the quality of your life but also by opening the doors to love peace, prosperity, health and happiness. So what exactly is energy healing and what is it meant for? Meditation guru and transformation coach Dr. Naavnedhi Wwadhwa gives an in depth insight of energy healing. She says, ‘Energy healing is actually best experienced rather than talked about. It is beyond the intellectual faculty of the human mind. It is for the intuitive interconnectedness of human beings. It draws upon the fundamental ability of humans to heal each other. And we have all experienced this in our lives in some way or the other.’


Naavnedhi is an NLP certified Mind Performance and Transformational Coach, celebrity Numerologist and Graphologist, Vastu Consultant, and Energy Healer. She has expertise in diverse spiritual and healing modalities and offers optimum healing support to people all around the world. Through her high level of expertise in meditation, and manifestation techniques, Naavnedhi has empowered people across the globe to access the power of their unconscious, make conscious choices in their own lives. Naavnedhi maintains that ‘Energy healing is diverse and dynamic in its impact. It helps the people clear their mind, brings about mental, physical, and emotional rejuvenation. It can effectively carve an individual’s path to being a peak performer in their chosen field of work and life.’

What services do we offer in Numerology?

(1) Dr. Naavnedhi presents you with tailor-made solutions and remedies based on your customized Numerology Reading which includes calculation of:

(i) Life Path Number
(ii) Destiny / Expression Number
(iii) Soul Urge Number
(iv) Numerology Personality Number
(v) Birthday Number

(2) You can go in for:

(i) One-to-One Individual Sessions (private) directly with Dr. Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa
(ii) Family / Group Sessions (private) directly with Dr. Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa
(iii) Short Sessions (private) directly with Dr. Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa for choice of Lucky numbers for Mobile, Telephone, Flat Number, Vehicle Number Plate, etc.

What are the benefits of these services?

Energy healing is rooted in the belief that vital energy flows through the human body. That a lot of our lives hinge upon the balance of energies and that can be and need to be restored whenever there is imbalance. So the goal is to balance the energy flow, and with that address the different issues that ails people.


  • By reinstating balance and flow of energy, healing can work on many health conditions and emotional states.
  • It is helpful for managing pain be it emotional or physical
  • In cases of deep physical and/or emotional trauma, healing is effective in helping a person deal with it in the long term by dealing with it at its roots rather than symptomatically
  • Energy healing works very well for sleeping related issues and even chronic insomnia. It helps a person get good and peaceful sleep which inturn positively impacts overall health.
  • It is also a supportive complementary/alternative form of treatment for people suffering and receiving treatment for fatal diseases and conditions such as cancer.
  • Energy healing is very helpful for dealing with emotional disturbance of any form
  • Overall awareness and spiritual journey of an individual can be elevated to a great extent through energy healing
  • It is also very useful in dealing with past traumas, depression, stress, and anxiety.


Energyhealing is thus a highly effective form of therapy and treatment which can help a person live a full life with peach, calm, optimum health and happiness.

Who should avail of these services?

Energy healing is for anyone who needs to reinstate the balance and flow of energy for the body, mind and soul. The reason for its universal application is that it is effective for the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being.


  • Energy healing is for someone who is ailing from long standing illnesses, be it mental or physical. There are various forms of energy healing, and depending upon the individual, the ailment they are suffering from, energy healing maybe effectively delivered for restoring health.
  • It is for someone who is working towards improved mental health.
  • It is for adults of all age groups with depression, anger issues, mood swings, anxiety. For those who have trouble focussing or concentrating on their work
  • It is for students who have difficulty in handling the pressure of studies and extra-curricular activities
  • Energy healing is for individuals in highly demanding fields of work including athletes, entrepreneurs, health professionals, therapists, teachers, actors, artists, performers.
  • It is for individuals working in corporate setups, especially in senior management positions re required to juggle on multiple fronts like managing team, achieving targets, building and maintaining business and professional relationships and so on. It helps them to attain a good work-life balance.

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