What is NLP?

NLP – short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming – encompasses the three essential components. Neuro stands for neurology. It is about the mind and its functioning, about how the inputs are processed and what images are formed. Language is about communication and the different styles and patterns of our communication. And programming is about the impact of our thoughts and emotions on the our behaviour and bodily functions.


NLP was first started by John Grinder, an American linguist, author, and management consultant and Richard Bandler, an American author and trainer in the field of self-help with a background in mathematics and Gestalt therapy. They have developed NLP as a methodology in improving communication and working on personal development. It provides practical methods to cope with life’s varied circumstances and manoeuvre through them effectively. ‘In a broad sense NLP provides the tools for developing once competence and attaining excellence, be it in relationships or career or any other aspect of life. It helps develop a healthy attitude toward one’s past and hence helps an individual develop effective coping mechanisms,’ says Dr. Naavnedhi Wwadhwa.


Dr. Naavnedhi Wwadhwa is a Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa is a well renowned NLP certified Mind Performance and Transformational Coach, celebrity Numerologist and Graphologist, VastuConsultant, and Energy Healer. She has trained with world renowned experts such as celebrated author and celebrity coach Tony Robbins and renowned American author and co-founder of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Richard Bandler. Through her expertise in NLP, meditation and manifestation techniques, she has helped people across the globe to access the power of their unconscious, make conscious choices and manifest the biggest achievements of their lives.


What services do we offer in NLP?

(1) Dr. Naavnedhi presents you with tailor-made solutions and remedies based on your customized Numerology Reading which includes calculation of:

(i) Life Path Number
(ii) Destiny / Expression Number
(iii) Soul Urge Number
(iv) Numerology Personality Number
(v) Birthday Number

(2) You can go in for:

(i) One-to-One Individual Sessions (private) directly with Dr. Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa
(ii) Family / Group Sessions (private) directly with Dr. Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa
(iii) Short Sessions (private) directly with Dr. Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa for choice of Lucky numbers for Mobile, Telephone, Flat Number, Vehicle Number Plate, etc.

What are the benefits of these services?

A person’s mind has a specific way of absorbing all that occurs in their surroundings. In that sense the truth is often filtered depending upon the mental makeup of the one perceiving the circumstance. Further, our behaviour is based upon these perceived realities. But we may not have an objective perception of reality and hence it is not reality as it is, rather it is a distorted version of the reality. This can have a limiting effect on our innate human potential as we aren’t exactly equipped for achieving the optimum. We then struggle for a vast majority of our lifespan struggling with ourselves and our lives. With NLP this dilemma can be completely transformed into positive productivity.


NLP has developed high-impact models, tools and methods of effective communication. It is all about how you communicate with yourself and how you communicate with the world. It is about recognising that the way we perceive the world within our minds, i.e. the internal picture is not necessarily what the event is in actuality. NLP explains this interrelationship between what is and the way it is perceived and processed inour minds through the sensory inputs.We often subject the inputs or information we receive to many transformations such as deletion, distortion and generalisations. We do this when our conscious minds get overloaded with information and we tend to oversimplify to compensate for the same. The decisions we make and the action s we take are thus based on incomplete state of the mind’s understanding. What NLP tools do is allow us to understand this seeks to redress the shortcomings of an untrained mind. A mind that is trained with the tools and techniques of NLP is an empowered mind that is replete with rich resources to achieve the goals and achieve success.

Who should avail of these services?

NLP is ideal for those who want to work on the overall development of their personality and mind-set. As it can help to have more control and focus in life. No matter what your development goals are, from personal to professional and relationships to career and work. NLP is used as a method of personal development through promoting skills, such as self-reflection, confidence, and communication. Practitioners have applied NLP commercially to achieve work-orientated goals, such as improved productivity or job progress. If a person is struggling to make goals to achieve your goals, the tools and techniques provided in NLP are empowering. You learn to take control of how you respond to your environment. You learn about your own beliefs and influences and find a way to cope with them, control them and change the way you think and behave. This way, you can transform the way you communicate, with others as well as with your own self. The idea is to remain unfazed by external circumstances we are faced with, which are beyond our control. NLP teaches you how to change the way you respond to your environment, while maintaining a steady state of being. This gives us an opportunity to overcome our complexes, fears, complexes and overall limiting beliefs.


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